WICSE Meeting!

We’ll be having a meeting on March 4th, at 5:30pm in the ECC.  We’ll also be wearing our WICSE shirts all day. Come and get your homework done. Also, Leissan will be coming this Thursday to speak about her platform for Vice Presidency. See you there!

Computer Engineer Barbie!

Having Barbie ® as an ambassador for female computer engineers can help inspire a new generation of girls to hone in on their computer skills and become a part of this growing profession. “As a computer engineer, Barbie will show girls that women can design products that have an important and positive impact on people’s […]

WICSE Meeting

We’ll have a meeting on Thursday, February 11, in the ECC @ 5:30pm. We’ll discuss our participation in the e-week! Also, bring your homework and get it done. See you there!

Get your homework done this weekend with WICSE!

Come and do your homework at the ECC this Sunday September 27th, from 2:00 to 4:00pm. Get things done just like Navneet Saggu and Veronica Ramirez 🙂
“It is fun, we all get together, talk, help each other, and do homework.”