WICSE Election Results!

Hello WICSE Members!
You have spoken and your new officers are:
President: Kirsten Cabal
Vice President: Megan NyBlom
Treasurer: Niki Silveria
Secretary: Tarrayna Grieves
Congratulations ladies!

WICSE Elections!

Hey WICSE Members!
We’re going to have a meeting next week, on Wednesday, December 5th, at 5pm in AGN (SEM 201). People who are interested in officer positions in WICSE will be present. They will talk a little about themselves and why they want to be an officer of WICSE. Then, their mini bio’s will be […]

WICSE Grad Talk!

Hello WICSE members!
Interested in graduate school but confused about the application process? WICSE is having agraduate school talk this Thursday (October 25th). Come and learn about what you need to do for all your applications!
Free food will be available!
Join us at 5:30pm in SEM234

Something WICSE this way comes…

Hello WICSE ladies and gents,
WICSE is doing another awesome get together this Friday (November 18th). Take the chance to unwind with free food, WICSE members, and guest speakers on internships!
Plus, elections for WICSE officers are coming up. Those interested in running for: President, Vice President of Programming, Vice President of Communications, or Treasurer, should email […]

Linux Workshop!

Hey guys,
This Friday (OCTOBER 14th) WICSE will be having a small Linux workshop. At the workshop we will help students (WICSE or non-WICSE) install Linux on their own system. We will also explain the basics on using Linux!
We highly recommend that students in CS202 and CS135 join us whether you need help with Linux or […]


WICSE members,
Next Friday (SEPTEMBER 30th) we will be having an official group meeting. At the meeting the events for the semester FALL 2011 will be discussed. It is MANDATORY for all members to come to the meeting so please try to make it. Also, please RSVP by emailing to wicse@cse.unr.edu.
On the bright side, we’ll have […]

WICSE Workshop and HW Session!

Hello ladies,
This Friday we will be having a homework session and a WORKSHOP! The homework session will be at its usual time at 1pm on Friday, September 16th. We will be in the Delamare Library, in 103A.
The workshop will on Minorities in the Scientific Field and presented by Erin Keith! It will at 4:30pm on […]

WICSE Homework Session!

WICSE Members,
We’re starting our regular Friday Meetings/Homework Sessions this Friday, September 9th. We will be in the Delamare Library, in 103A. We will put up signs leading you to us, because even we get confused in that library. When you first walk in go down the ramp and into the library then turn left towards […]

Meet and Greet Event!

After a long summer there is nothing better than seeing old friends and even making some new ones. This Wednesday, on August 31st, WICSE will be having its first event of the year. A MEET AND GREET event! Old member can catch up with friends while the new members can meet some of the coolest […]

Mock Interviews!

Have you ever left an interview feeling like it could have gone much better? WICSE is hosting a mock interview in SEM 347 from 12-2 Friday, April 8th. Come and learn what kinds of questions you should be prepared for, as well as other interviewing skills.