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WICSE Camping at Meeks Bay (September 25, 2010)

LTJG Daniel Provenzano From the US Navy

Hosted by WICSE and ACM

Microsoft Colloquium with Jon Ward

WICSE Rebuilds a Computer


Women’s Basketball vs San Jose State


Abba Terrobias, Jamie Hobel, Sasha Browning, and Anne Paine 2nd Place in the ACM Rock Band Contest November 2009

SWE Dinner with Industry Night

Veronica Ramirez, Diana Marquez, Jamie Hobel, and Alicia Stillwell

Diana Marquez, Navneet Saggu, Devyani Tanna, Veronica Ramirez, and Nirali Budhecha

Wolf Pack Football – October 24, 2009

Nirali Budhecha, Devyani Tanna, Navneet Saggu, Anne Paine, and Veronica Ramirez

Devyani Tanna, Navneet Saggu, Anne Paine, Nirali Budhecha, and Diana Marquez

Navneet Saggu, Diana Marquez, Alphie, Nirali Budhecha, Devyani Tanna, and Anne Paine

Bowling October 4, 2009

Jamie Hobel, Devyani Tanna, Veronica Ramirez, Navneet Saggu, and Diana Marquez

There is really nothing that can be said…..

Our First Official Meeting

The Scavenger Hunt